Payroll Outsource Services in Pakistan

Payroll Outsourcing

ZA-LLP's Payroll Management offers you the best of both worlds. ZA-LLP, being a leading provider offers payroll, tax compliance, and human resource solutions for employers worldwide. ZA-LLP provides a broad range of services that help employers efficiently manage their internal processes, increase productivity, ensure compliance, improve employee retention, and control cost. Utilizing both traditional and Web-based outsourcing products and services, ZA-LLP handles many difficult employment administration functions that require extensive expertise, processing and record keeping.

Our valued clients may avail our services regarding Payroll of their Employees Outsourcing and Management by assigning their duty to ZA-LLP, who are highly qualified professionals, specialized in Management and HR consultancy. The relevant Team has a long track record of being associated with the business community since the inception of its Legal Services from 1975. The relevant Team possesses a rare blend of foreign education and culture, emerging of new technologies in the West as well as a keen awareness of the sub-continental and gulf markets, where these services are required to be introduced.

Business Process Outsourcing services cater to businesses which need to outsource those tasks which are mundane and voluminous requiring independent evaluation and reporting, or those tasks which can be executed more efficiently and cost effectively by an outside partner. These services help organizations achieve their growth and performance objectives through:

  • Achieving long-term cost savings

  • Allowing management to focus on core business

  • Achieving service quality improvements

  • Achieving IT-enabled business transformation

  • Gaining access to best in class skills and capabilities

In consequence ZA-LLP is ideally suited for fulfilling EMPLOYEES OUTSOURCING and MANAGEMENT requirements. And therefore, is already rendering such services to many local and foreign clients and regret our inability to disclose their identity because of Confidentiality Agreement but can safely say that our clients include the Local and Foreign Companies in the field of Pharmaceuticals, FMCG, Banking, Insurance, Telecommunications, IT Software, Chemicals, Textile, Metals, Electronics, and leading Companies engaged as manufacturers of various other items etc. Our services range from Executive Search to Bulk Recruitment and from Outsource Management to Global Employment Verification.

It is well known fact to our clients that we believe in integrity, honesty, confidentiality, professionalism and excellence. Comments given by some of our clients narrated in our website are sufficient to satisfy and win the trust of our new clients.

As you know that, Outsourcing of your personnel to us will be very cost effective way of protecting your business by reducing your exposure to the risk of legal complications, and accounts and financial related issues and at the same time achieving the best output from your personnel. Please allow us to deal with these issues while you can concentrate on your core business activities. ZA-LLP is however capable to offer these services in all important cities of Pakistan and have the capacity to manage about 5,000 persons.

The benefits which you can achieve are as under:

  • We will issue proper appointment and termination letters.

  • There will be no Legal obligation and requirement on your part.

  • Every aspect of Payroll will be properly taken care of, by us.

  • You can save time and money by outsourcing your employees and managed payroll services.

  • Changes in payroll legislation and statutory requirements are kept in view.

  • There is no IT and training cost, or software or hardware or stationary cost.

  • You don't require any payroll expertise.

  • You can avoid the inconvenience and cost of payroll staff on leave.

  • Confidentiality, processing accuracy and meeting payment deadlines are ensured.

  • Monthly reports are sent to meet your requirements.

  • Every work is being done in accordance with Labour laws without your worry.

  • You're also saved from the employees from their grievances.

  • The employees are issued identity cards.

It is very essential for every business company to ensure that timely and appropriate payments are being made to employees to maintain their level of satisfaction and increase motivation. It is known to all that the employees are the back bone of all business entities and their interests need to be properly fulfilled. For this very reason, payroll processing and payment thereof has its own importance.

You have only to provide data about the employees and the agreed remunerations package and you can give the responsibility to us to take care of your problems by following activities and only you have to furnish us the attendance record prior to the pay day. In case you pay us the whole payable salary on first day of each month then we'll deduct the Tax from each salary, where applicable and send the pay cheque to his bank account prior to seventh of each month or the date given by you. ZA-LLP also makes the appointment agreements keeping in view the Labour Laws involved in his particular case in order to avoid any dispute in future. Similarly, we will deal all resignation and termination process.

You'll have to nominate a contact person from your company for communication with ZA-LLP. His responsibility will be to communicate any amendments of employees regarding attendance, pay changes, deductions, according to your records.

ZA-LLP's service charges are quite nominal, which are ten percent on the gross monthly salary of each employee. Other terms and conditions can be incorporated and finalized while making the mutual contract on this issue. At the end it is to state that we work hard to obtain and keep our customers. In a competitive world, customer service sets us apart. We believe that our customers deserve great service at competitive prices.

Our Core Competencies


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Virtually a substantial part of lawyers difficulties in this regard lie with their inability to prioritise their time.

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