Corporate Governance Law & Lawyers in Pakistan

Corporate Governance

Here you may find information about corporate governance in Pakistan. Our dedicated team of professional legal experts best assists their clients as to corporate governance in Pakistan. Corporate governance is an increasingly important area of focus for stakeholders in all organizations and particularly those listed on publicly traded exchanges. Directors and other officeholders face ever greater challenges in addressing risk management, ethics, policies, procedures and internal controls. ZA-LLP offers specialized services to help clients improve corporate governance and internal control systems in line with international standards, and to comply with applicable laws and regulations. Our highly experienced professionals bring detailed knowledge to client projects, performing compliance assessments, recommending systems and process improvements and full support for any regulatory compliance reviews.

Due to the ever changing societal norms, increasingly complex business environment and the recent corporate collapse of companies around the globe, Corporate Governance has emerged as an imperative issue at the forefront of organisational concerns. This has lead to a mounting emphasis on Board accountability, performance scrutiny and, compliance and conformance.

Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

We have a global capability and expert level experience in assessing and reviewing Corporate Governance structures, assisting with developing appropriate frameworks and devising solutions that meet regulatory requirements and fit corporate and cultural paradigms. With network of offices across the country, we assist clients on the ground in any jurisdiction(s) required. Our professionals are highly adept at analyzing the most sophisticated breakdowns of corporate governance frameworks, both at entity level as well as at transactional level.

Scope of Practice

Corporate Governance is a set of principles, systems, processes and policies set in place to protect and manage organisational resources. Boards accept, adopt and support governance policies and processes to ensure that organisational goals are met. The policies and processes act as a performance meter to measure the Boards performance and identify areas where the Board is responsible and accountable for their actions / decisions. Corporate Governance also incorporates ‘best practise’ principles which are compliant and conformant with current industry standards.

The role of the Board of Directors (the Board) is to define, delegate and monitor expectations placed on the organisation and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in relation to Strategic Planning; Policy Development; and Compliance, Risk Management and Audit. In addition, the Board's key function is to purposefully allocate organisational resources in the best interests of all stakeholders and in line with organisations goals.

Consultants at ZA-LLP have several years of experience and expertise in governance and management. These attributes have been gained through working on CEO / Executive level performance evaluation, Strategic Business planning and Board / Executive mediation and dispute resolution, to name a few.

Domains Associated With Corporate Governance

Asset Management Companies

Management Companies

Regulation of Businesses

The firm that invests the pooled funds of retail investors in securities in line with the stated investment objectives.

Business Law

Business Law

Business and Commercial Services

Whether your business is small or large, we facilitate your company's continuing growth and expansion.

Business Tax Planning

Business Tax Planning

Tax Planning and Solutions

We recognize the anxiety when your tax verdict is unknown, you realise when you unnecessarily paid too much.

Commercial Law

Commercial Law

Commercial Law and Remedies

Our aim is to add value to our clients' businesses by assisting them to achieve their commercial objectives.

Company Law

Company Law

Company Setup and Registration

Our clients include companies of all sizes in many industries that finance their operations and growth.

Contract Law and Enforcement

Contract Enforcement

Law of Contract and Enforcement

We focus on helping clients maintain their competitive positions, by advising them at every step in contracting process.

Corporate Law

Corporate Law

Corporate Venture Capital

Our range of services will safely implement a variety of corporate law transactions in a cost-effective manner.

Due Diligence Services

Due Diligence Services

Investigative Due Diligence

From retrieval of information inclusive of directors standing to hidden assets of judgment debtors.

E-Commerce Law

E-Commerce Law

E-Commerce Law and Security

There are a number of E-commerce laws and guidelines to follow when operating in the E-commerce world.

Franchising Law

Franchising Law

Franchising Law and Contracts

We've gained expertise in helping companies use franchising as a means of exploiting market opportunities.

Insolvency Law

Insolvency Law

Insolvency Law and Remedies

Insolvency is the condition of a person who is insolvent; inability to pay or lack of means to pay one's debts.

Investment Law

Investment Law

Investment and Trade Law

The investors who want to make study for unforeseen problems may contact us on any project of their choice.

Joint Ventures

Joint Ventures

Joint Venture Law and Contracts

A Joint Venture is a legal organization that takes the form of a short term partnership for mutual profit.



Litigation and Remedies

Our Litigation Department recognises that business litigation has become increasingly more complex and expensive.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions

Merger is a tool used by companies for the purpose of expanding their operations for an increase in their profitability.

Offshore Business

Offshore Business

Offshore Setup and Planning

An Offshore Company does not conduct most of its business in the country where it is officially based.


The importance of Corporate Governance advice to clients has increased dramatically in recent years. We provide sophisticated and timely advice regarding many issues that arise as a result of recent changes in securities and accounting rules and other regulations.

With experienced lawyers from our Transactional, Securities, Enforcement and Litigation Practices, combined with our Government Enforcement, Compliance and White Collar Defense attorneys, we offer a fully integrated approach to serving our clients' corporate governance needs. We counsel, advise, and represent corporate directors and officers of public companies on all corporate governance issues. We are committed to educating our clients with continual updates on developments from SECP regulations and other standards governing public company conduct.

Our Transactional & Securities Practice attorneys frequently advise corporations, boards of directors, board committees, corporate officers, shareholders, and other parties regarding:

Board and committee best practices, composition, and procedures

We work with clients to develop and implement best practices for boards of directors as well as nominating and governance, audit, compensation, and other board committees. Our attorneys keep our clients advised of evolving best practices and monitor corporate governance proposals from the Board of Investment, the SECP, stock exchanges, and independent policy groups.

Board oversight and self-evaluation systems

Attorneys at ZA-LLP provide advice relating to a board's oversight function, including design and implementation of self-evaluation systems tailored to each client's existing organizational structure and cultural needs.

Board committee charters, guidelines, and codes of conduct

We advise clients regarding the development of nominating and governance, audit, compensation, and other board committee charters. In addition, ZA-LLP has extensive experience in reviewing, developing, and implementing national and worldwide ethics and compliance programmes to prevent and detect violations of law and to help ensure our clients' employees conduct business ethically and in compliance with applicable legal and regulatory requirements. As part of this service, attorneys at ZA-LLP work closely with clients to develop or refine codes of conduct and aid in code and policy distribution and employee training.

Director and officer fiduciary duties and responsibilities

Attorneys at ZA-LLP advise board members regarding directors' duties and responsibilities in change of control transactions, executive succession, financial reporting irregularities, internal investigations, and auditor independence. Co-operation among attorneys in our Transactional, Securities, Government Enforcement, Compliance and White Collar Defense Practices provides clients with comprehensive legal advice on director and officer fiduciary duties and shareholder rights in any situation.

Executive compensation and succession

ZA-LLP assembles interdisciplinary teams of attorneys with experience in tax law, corporate law, accounting, SECP regulatory requirements, and relevant domestic law to efficiently deliver comprehensive advice regarding executive compensation and succession issues.

Financial reporting and internal investigations

Our attorneys prepare and review internal corporate policies governing disclosure controls and procedures, internal and external corporate communications, securities trading, and document retention. We have counseled clients regarding the conduct of sensitive accounting, ethics, governance, and other internal investigations, including representation of audit committees in connection with investigations of accounting irregularities, alleged fraud, and other regulatory issues.

Preparation of proxy statements for annual and special meetings

We advise clients on the preparation of proxy statements for annual meetings and special meetings, including those held to consider business combinations. In this regard, our attorneys provide guidance to boards of directors on their obligations under SECP regulations and stock exchange rules.

Our Core Competencies


Collaborative Skillset

Collaborative lawyers trust the wisdom of the group; lone wolves and isolationists do not do any good anymore.


Emotional Intelligence

Distant, detached lawyers are relics of the 20th century, the market no longer wants a lawyer who is only half a person.


Technological Affinity

If you can not effectively and efficiently use e-communications, and mobile tech, you might as well just stay home.


Time Management

Virtually a substantial part of lawyers difficulties in this regard lie with their inability to prioritise their time.

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